About us

Enoteca as a concept comes from Italy, mainly from Tuscany. It has already spread into restaurant business worldwide, popular for its high standard wine and gastronomy and yet for its casual countryside relax atmosphere usually as a location. It is worth mentionning that while a Vinoteca/Vinoteka is a specialised wine shop, Enoteca is focusing on encouraging guests of tasting in a modest way food and wine together, and their matching. In Enoteca we take you for an Italian-Hungarian jorney in enogastronomy.

We try to inspire all senses in a meditative environment surrounded by the castle reflecting its tormenting history. We offer excellent Hungarian wines,and we are distributors of La Parrina Sangiovese (red)and Ansonica (white) wines and cheeses and the Vecchia Cantina di Montepulciano wines ( nobile, brunello) from Tuscany currently present only in Enoteca on Hungarian market.

We offer excellent house wine from Lingvay winery near Vác.

We offer fresh ingredient based mainly Italian/Tuscan style food, pizza, prosciutto, Italian cheese variation, not forgetting some of the highlights of Nógrád like sztrapacska the ewe cheese gnocchi that an be enjoyed separatley as well as aside with deer or mushroom goulash.

Once Thai ambassador happened to come to Enoteca with his cook and as they got here by evening, they stayed for a Hungarian dinner.I offered them meat soup and chicken breast viennese style, the fastest not too exciting but always reliable plates I could give them before closing. For them anyway, they were our panoramic terraces the most fascinating,when all of a sudden while sipping the soup. the Ambassador said:Well, this is Zen here…”This has been the greatest compliment I’ve got for my Enoteca as with few words he described the essence of the place and our concept...

For investors!

Enoteca is for sale along with a real estate in package or separately



We have strategic partnership for tourism, wine and product import export with our tuscan partner La Tenuta La Parrina’ for wine and cheese supply, exchange of tourism and event organisation.

We provide expertise through the owners law firm (businessitalia.hu) to Hungarian businessman to move to Italy in finding partners and vice versa.

dr. Kricsfalvi Anita - owner Borbisztró Kft.